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Author Archives: Kevin Kutyla

Reasons Your Workers’ Comp Claim May Be Denied, and What to Do About It

Workers’ compensation is designed to be a no-fault system, providing benefits to employees injured or made ill by their work regardless of who is to blame for an accident. However, there are several common reasons why workers’ compensation claims are denied, creating potential obstacles to receiving these benefits. The following are the most frequent reasons… Read More »

When Is a Noncompete Agreement Enforceable?

A noncompete agreement is a contract by which an employee is bound not to enter into competition with a former employer. In New Jersey, these agreements have generally been enforceable if they meet specific conditions designed to balance the interests of employers and employees.  On April 23, 2024, the Federal Trade Commission issued a rule… Read More »

Is the Driver Behind Always at Fault for a Rear-End Collision?

Rear-end collisions are among the most common types of traffic accidents. They occur when one vehicle strikes another from behind. In New Jersey, as in many states, the driver in the rear is typically considered at fault. However, there are exceptions to this general presumption, and in some cases, liability may be shared. Drivers are… Read More »

What Benefits Are Available if You’re Disabled by a Non-Work-Related Injury or Illness?

Being unable to work and support your family due to an injury or ailment can be financially devastating. If your condition arises from an accident or exposure that occurred at your place of employment, you may receive workers’ compensation benefits over a short or long term. But there are also resources available for disabilities arising… Read More »

Can a Motorcyclist Without a Helmet Recover Damages for Injuries in an Accident?

Motorcycles provide a thrilling way to experience the freedom of the open road, but they can also be highly dangerous. Due to their instability, bikes are more prone to skid and tip over in wet weather or on poor road conditions. What’s more, a rider involved in an accident has almost no protection from impact… Read More »

What Compensation Is Available in a Wrongful Death Case?

When a family member dies due to another person’s fault, the law allows for the decedent’s survivors to be compensated. A tragic death can result from a motor vehicle crash, a machine accident, an act of medical malpractice or a physical attack, among other causes. But the death alone is not enough to make the… Read More »

New Jersey Bill Targets Bias in Use of AI in Hiring

Employers in recent years have made increased use of artificial intelligence in recruitment and hiring. There is growing reliance on AI tools to sort through large volumes of applicants and winnow them down to short lists of suitable candidates. However, critics have pointed out the danger of these systems producing discriminatory results. New Jersey legislators… Read More »

The Holiday Season Brings Heightened Risk of Car Accidents

The winter holidays are a time of celebration and of joyous reunions with family and friends. But unfortunately, the season also sees an annual uptick in car accidents. As families gather and individuals embark on holiday travels, the roads become busier and other factors contribute to an increased risk of collisions. Understanding the risks and… Read More »

Spotting Signs That You May Have Been Wrongfully Terminated

Most employees in New Jersey are hired “at will,” which means their employers may terminate them without cause. But this doesn’t mean that any termination is legal. Employers may not terminate an employee for a reason prohibited by New Jersey or federal law. An employee subjected to wrongful termination may take legal action to protect… Read More »

What Is New Jersey’s “Serious Injury” Threshold for Car Accident Lawsuits?

New Jersey is a no-fault auto insurance state, which means accident victims who have opted for limited coverage are restricted in their ability to seek damages from another party for their injuries. The victim must first look to his or her insurance carrier for reimbursement of medical expenses, lost wages and other accident-related costs. However,… Read More »