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Auto Accidents
  • What if the other driver doesn't have insurance?
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      Firm Name: Kevin T. Kutyla, Esq.
      Duration: 01:11
      Date: 2020-03-04
      When you have been involved in a auto accident within New Jersey where the other driver didn’t have insurance, you may be wondering who will pay your medical bills and other expenses, and whether you will be compensated for your pain and suffering. New Jersey has a no-fault car insurance systems. This means your own car insurance coverage will usually cover your injuries, up to a certain dollar amount. But, that will not typically cover damage to your car or for any ongoing pain and suffering that you might have as a result of the car crash. When the amount available from your car insurance carrier does not cover all of your expenses from the accident your next step may be to file a lawsuit against an uninsured driver and hope that he or she has the assets to pay any court judgment you win. Kevin T. Kutyla, Esq. is an experienced northern New Jersey auto accident attorney based in Sussex County who can help you understand your state’s options after a collision with a driver without auto coverage.
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