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NJ Workers Compensation for Essential Employees During COVID-19

essential worker sick by COVID-19

Relief for those who contracted COVID-19

This blog is for those essential employees who work as first responders keeping us safe in hospitals and nursing homes caring for our sick or who work in our grocery stores and our takeout restaurants keeping food on our tables and for those who work in banks to keep our Economy going in these difficult times. Thank you for putting yourselves in harms way for our sake. You are our true heroes.

If you work in any of these essential jobs and contracted COVID-19 I want you to know that there may be a way to mitigate the economic harm you suffered as a result of your illness. You may even be able to receive Worker’s Compensation benefits for any permanent injury you suffered.

If you were on the front lines of this pandemic and contracted the COVID-19 virus, the New Jersey Worker’s Compensation Act will provide you with the following benefits:

1. Your medical bills will be covered 100%;
2. Up to 70% of your lost wages will be covered; and
3. You may receive monetary compensation if the disease left you with a permanent injury.

You can claim these benefits by final filing a claim with your employers‘s Worker’s Compensation carrier. If you have questions or are getting pushback from your employer or their Worker’s Compensation carrier about filing a claim contact me and I’ll help you out. You can reach me through a website I have set up or by calling my office at 973-940-8970.

Stay safe and thank you.


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